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Legal-Eaze can obtain visas for you from any country.  Our busiest consulate, however, is the NYC Chinese Consulate.


IMPORTANT NOTICEOn August 1, 2011, the Consulate announced that same day issuance of visas is suspended.

The NYC Chinese Consulate only accepts visa applications in person.  No mail-in service is available.  We are able to process visas for people who only live in the states that the Consulate serves:  Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.  The Embassy in DC will no longer process visas from these states.

The NYC Chinese Consulate charges $140 (effective 06/09/10) per visa, for normal 4 business day turnaround time.  All visas can now be multiple-entry and valid for use within 24 months.

Chinese visas can be obtained in as little as two (2) days for an additional Consulate fee of $20 per visa.  However, we do recommend that you plan ahead to avoid any additional last minute stress.  Chinese visas are now valid for 24 months from the date of issuance for a maximum stay of 30 days per visit.  However, you must check the “multi-entry” box on the visa application or they will issue you a single-entry visa even though you are paying for a multi-entry visa.  You must be prepared to have six (6) months remaining on your passport at the time your visa expires.

CHINA VISA APPLICATION FORM V.2011A (new as of 2011)

All visa applications must now be typed.  Handwritten applications are no longer accepted.  You MUST indicate where you are staying in China.  Every line must be completed and no lines can be left blank.

Been to China Before?  If you have been to China before, you MUST include a photocopy of your passport and copy of previous visas.

Born in China?  Applicants who were born in China who have a green card or American passport MUST provide the following:  (1) Naturalization documents; (2) Former Chinese Passport; (3) Birth Certificate and/or show that you have had a previous visa to China in your current or former American Passport.

Travelling with Children?  Those travelling with children are required to provide a photocopy of the parent's passport and/or driver's license as well as a copy of the Child's birth certificate (short form is OK).


Legal-Eaze Fee per Visa — $50* (fee is reduced to $35 per visa if sending 10 or more applications at one time).

*Price is strictly the fee for Legal-Eaze to obtain your visa.  Fees charged by the Consulate are additional.  Overnight mailings are also not included and will be billed at $50 per shipment if no prepaid overnight mailer or credit card or fedex account number is provided.


Complete a Visa Processing Form - NYC Chinese Consulate and send it to the Legal-Eaze NYC Office with: 

(1) a completed NYC Chinese Visa Application; (review instructions before completing);

(2) one visa photo;

(3) your original passport;

(4) a prepaid FedEx mailer for the return of the passport(s);

(5) money order payable to “NY Chinese Consulate” for $140 per visa for normal processing or $160 per visa for next day processing.

(6) check payable to "Legal-Eaze" for $50 per visa.

IMPORTANT:  If you are traveling back to China with a China-born adopted child, you must submit the child’s Chinese Passport in addition to the child’s U.S. Passport.  The Consulate will return the Chinese Passport to you; however, they will clip the corner of it to invalidate it.  

Questions?  Contact us by phone at (845) 642-2990 or email.

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