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If you have documents that you would like rushed through government offices in NYC like the Secretary of State or any of the foreign Consulates, we provide a courier service that can work with you!

After you have compiled your dossier and are ready to begin authentication, you can choose to have your documents hand-delivered to various NYC government offices to obtain seals.  We service the following venues in NYC for the authentication of documents:

County Clerks of NYC (Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn only)
 NY Secretary of State
 All Consulates located in NYC*

*The NYC Chinese Consulate will only process documents from the States of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

NYC Courier Service* includes:

Reviewing documents for accuracy.
 Obtaining all  seals by County Clerks, NY Secretary of State, and any foreign Consulate located in NYC.
 Hand delivery and pick up of all documents.

*Our courier service is limited to within the boundaries of Manhattan; however, we also service the county clerks of Brooklyn and the Bronx.

All services are provided without regard to the state of residence of the adoptive parents or the country in which the adoption will take place.  All documents are given same (if possible) or next day treatment.  Documents are hand-delivered to all NYC offices.  All information contained the the documents are treated as CONFIDENTIAL.

Legal-Eaze Fees for NYC Courier Service*:

County Clerk  1 - 6 documents, $90 each document thereafter is an additional $15/document.
Secretary of State  1 - 6 documents, $90  each document thereafter is an additional $15/document
Consulate  1 - 6 documents, $90  each document thereafter is an additional $15/document

*additional costs apply; e.g., fees charged by country, state, federal offices and/or foreign consulates; fees for overnight mail services (you may provide a pre-paid mailer, a FedEx account number, or you can be billed $50 per shipment; photocopies ($.50/page).


Complete the NYC Authentication Request Form and mail it to Legal-Eaze NYC Office.

Email or call Mr. Chris Moore at (845) 642-200- before sending the documents so he knows they are coming and can plan to accommodate them.  Documents originating from states other than New York but be state-sealed in the oroginating state before they can be submitted to any Consulate (this includes birth certificates).  If you need assistance with state authentication in any state besides New York, please email us for instructions.

Mailing Instructions:

Send documents, plus one (1) photocopy of each, to our NYC Office by overnight mail (preferably FedEX), letting us know which country they are for.
All fees can be paid by one (1) check payable to "Legal-Eaze".  Disbursements to government agencies made directly by Legal-Eaze.  No need to obtain money orders!
Click for Fees for Secretary of State
Click for Fees for Chinese Consulate/Embassy
Make sure to include a FedEx account number for use in mailing your documents.
Make your best estimate on fees due.  Additional fees owed (if any) will be billed to you upon completion of service.  We will not hold up the authentication of your paperwork!
WHEW!  That's it!!

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